Top Discount Travel Sites And Cheap Vacation Ideas

If you have been sitting in an office slaving away every day like most people, you are probably more than ready to take a vacation. Unfortunately, like most other people, you are probably thinking that you can’t afford to get away from it all right now and really could use the overtime money from work, right? I was just like you not that long ago and I thought that there was really no way that I would be able to afford to go anywhere, especially not with the pay cuts and changes that had been happening at work, but after a little research on discount travel sites, I was pleasantly surprised to find how many deals they were offering and I just simply couldn’t pass it up!

To be honest, I was just getting bored at work one day and after my lunch break decided to do some research of my own. I thought I would just be dreaming or that I could spend some time doing research for a trip that I would probably never take, but it would at least give me some hope. Well�to my surprise, there were so many cheap vacation ideas on these sites, that I started to think that it wasn’t just a dream after all! The first thing I did was sign up on their email list. I now receive updates from all the major discount travel sites on a regular basis and it’s great! Even when I don’t have time to do my own research, they do it for me and send me updates on any great promotions or specials that are going on currently. You can even customize the updates they send you to just include the areas you are interested in traveling to.

One other great thing I found on these sites is packaged deals. A lot of the destinations are really hurting for traveler s right now and are throwing in things for free as incentives to get you to travel to their resort over another. For example, I found this one resort in Mexico that threw in a free rental car and a free resort credit of $200 if you stay there for 4 nights. Another resort offered 3 free nights if you purchase 4. It’s really amazing how many deals there are right now. So, if you can only afford to do a quick trip, you may be able to expand it into a full week just by taking advantage of some of these promotions.

Another cool incentive that these discount travel sites are throwing out is reward point clubs. Although this is not a new concept and many airlines and hotels have been offering these types of clubs for years, the discount travel sites are starting to as well. If you use their site over another for various bookings, whether it is rental car, flight or a whole vacation package, you rack up points that you can redeem at a later date for additional travel. I have only used this one particular site a couple of times for small things and already I have earned a free night at a hotel! (SN:0A9SDTCV0924c)

After all the time I have spent at work dreaming of places I might escape to, I am so glad I came across a means of making that dream a reality. So my advice is to stop just sitting around and ruminating over the daily grind and spend a few minutes on your next lunch break to research you discounted options. You may be escaping your life behind the desk sooner than you think is possible! When you begin your research,

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